Art Wells

E-Commerce Experience And Innovation

(971) 533 7207

Notable Skills

LAMP, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, (X)HTML, Perl, Renderman and 3D Programming, Magento and Wordpress extensions and integration, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal API applications

Professional Experience

Senior PHP Programmer, Roku June 2011 - Present

Repaired and maintained Magento-driven e-commerce operations. Developed and customized integration with multiple payment, ERP, security, financial and anti-fraud services. Developed algorithm-based coupon system able to process millions of single-use coupons. Reviewed security and stability with multiple departments. Oversaw and executed transition from Magento's Enterprise Edition to Community Edition. Led technical team on e-commerce transition, development, planning and goals.

Consultant, artwells services, llc. October 2008 - Present

Researched, evaluated and advised on e-commerce strategy and technological solutions for startups, agencies and retailers. Oversaw the restoration, transition and expansion of various e-commerce and online publicity operations. Installed, customized and wrote extensions with Magento and WordPress. Created applications with Twitter and Facebook APIs. Created and maintained online tools for product configuration and 3D visualization.

Founder, January 2008 - Present

Developed online utility that helps users and social networking communities create and maintain shared spaces for spiritual, emotional, or playful purposes. Work involved PHP5, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, MYSQL, AdSense, OpenID, Adwords/Adbrite campaigns, Google Checkout cart and Paypal integration with automated digital content management, and RSS- Twitter- and email -integration. Worked with testers, illustrators, consultants and service providers.

Senior Web Developer, Rejuvenation, Inc. August 1998 - October 2008

Created and guided the growth of this domain from primitive static site to multi-million dollar sales channel for direct-to-customer, mass-customized product. Created a simple customer experience out of a sophisticated product selection and customization process, handling complex pricing, interdependent configuration logic and inventory rules. Created 3D import/export, manipulation programs and render farm that offers visitors immediate glimpses into the aesthetic changes they make, including a modifiable room for fixture placement. At various times acted as network security specialist, webmaster, engineer, programmer, copywriter and designer, settling into the role of technical lead, configuration expert, technical and creative consultant to other departments and 3D programmer. Co-developed department into a productive team of six.

Freelance Web Developer 1996 to 2000

Developed dynamic content and online commerce solutions for various businesses involving every aspect of web production.


Bachelor of Arts, St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1990. Studied Philosophy, Mathematics, Science, Music and Language.


Avid walker, passionate writer, baker.